Sunday, 18 October 2015

Halloween is here

Halloween is my favourite time of year. I'm one of those people that really struggles to pick a favourite time of year. Every season seems to be my preferred one, until the next one comes around and then I change my mind, but overall I think Halloween has to be the best holiday! I love everything about Halloween; it's when we really see the transition into Autumn, the open fires become a daily thing, pumpkins begin popping up everywhere, YOU GET TO DRESS UP and especially the fact that it becomes acceptable to wear the kind of clothes I would like to wear all the time!

When I walk into a shop and see all the Halloween decorations my first thought is, when I have my own home, I'll decorate it with that stuff year round - glass potion bottles, glittery skulls, black candelabras. And like I've already mentioned... the clothes. Unsurprisingly, October is probably my favourite time of year to go shopping.

I'm absolutely loving h&ms Halloween stock this year, whyyyy can't Ireland have online shopping!? I rarely visit the nearest town with a h&m but I think I'll have to make a dedicated trip so I don't miss out. I don't just mean just costume-y clothes - the items I purchase would more than likely be staples in my wardrobe for the next year so it would be a shame to miss out. Like, it's completely acceptable to wear a bat bodysuit all year round yeah?!

I've been sifting through the Halloween section of all my favourite online sites to find some gems, thought I'd share some with you.

Now I need to get myself off to the shops to purchase some of these beauties! Happy Halloween alllll.

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