Sunday, 12 October 2014

Small haul

Over the past couple of weeks I've picked up a small few bits, so I thought I'd share.

The jumper is from Vera Moda. It's so cosy looking and I've never had a jumper with a neck like that so I thought it would be a nice change for Winter.I can just imagine being snuggled in it with jeans and a nice pair of boots.
The black joggers are from Tesco, I've been wanting something light and comfy that I could wear to college. You know those days you don't want to be wearing jeans, you just want something loose? Well that's where these come in.

The oxblood flats are also from Tesco. Was just in, late one evening picking up a few bits for dinner and they caught my eye. I don't actually like flats where your foot is exposed. I don't know why, I'm not even one of those people creeped out by feet, but I just think it looks odd when you're wearing flats but you can still see most of your foot.. I don't know okay! I thought these were so lovely so I decided to give them a try. I've had them two weeks and am yet to wear them though. I think it was just the colour I liked so much!

And the brogues. In a past shoe wishlist I mentioned these babies, and I also mentioned that I've never actually bought any items I've been lusting after online before. That is, until now. I was so delighted to order them with the last of birthday money. But, it turned out to be such a fecking nuisance that I almost regret it! I got them in a four, but they were too small. So I sent them back and had to wait on the refund before I could order the five. Finally I ordered the five, but they were delivered to my dads business and I wasn't told. When I finally got them, they were too big and were outside the 14 days returns policy. Such a nightmare. But I've kept them and am wearing them anyway because I love them so much, the main thing is that they look sooo pretty. Just a pity about the sizing. I'll just have to wear big socks!

On a side note I think we've established my favourite colours for the season. Maroon oxblood burgundy aubergine. Straight away I'm drawn to anything in these colours!

But honestly, from now on I'm avoiding the shops. Until I get a job (which seems like a joke at this stage) I'm going to just have to walk by Topshop without a sideways glance, because I can't keep walking through the shop and picking out all the items I want, it's getting so depressing. Especially with all the gorge Autumn/Winter Coats that are out. They are everything.

Bye for now.

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