Thursday, 11 September 2014

Getting Organized

I've settled into my college apartment and so I thought I'd show you my room. As I said in my Beating homesickness post, the plan was to make my room a lot more welcoming. I don't have any pictures of how it looked last year but it definitely looks so much better now. Last year I just viewed my room as cold and uninviting but now it's the opposite, although the sun shining does help.. and that happens very rarely!

I actually love my room now. We were very lucky in my apartment because all three bedrooms are double rooms. Mine is the smallest of the three rooms but I love it. My room at home is much bigger and that means I have so much more room to make a mess, it's so much easier to keep this room tidy!

This desk isn't actually used for studying. I just can't study at home. I just use it to store all my stuff. Excuse the always pads inside the desk.. obviously didn't see them when I was taking the picture ha.

Love this bed. It's so comfy, which makes leaving it to walk out in the wet and cold so much harder!! Although this week the weather has been great so it hasn't been too bad.

The window is like my little make up station. I do my make up here in the mornings because the light shines directly in. I've really got the perfect little set up haha. It's a bit of a hazard though because last year I actually left my magnifying mirror on the window sill when I went to college. When I came home my room was all smokey and my make up bag was all charred.. so I have to keep it on the floor now.. oops!
We're so lucky to have a roof garden. Technically we're not allowed on it but we do sit out when we get the weather for it. How could you not?! Just don't tell my landlord.

My friend/housemate presented me with this beauty on my first day back for a belated birthday present. I love it. There was no where to hang it so I blue-tacked it to my radiator beside my bed. I saw it monthssss ago and she remembered to get it for me, what a sweetie.

On the topic of getting myself organised, I thought I'd also show all my college stuff because I had it all together when I packed. Looking at it makes me so excited to get stuck into college work. Let me just tell ya though, I've never been an organized person. In school my books were always a mess. Everyone had their own locker but I'd normally throw mine up on top of the lockers rather than go to the effort of putting them into my actual locker (cuz that's so difficult apparently?!). This meant a lot of missing books over the years.

I was never great for studying either. I was the sort of person that had no motivation to do any work until I was put under pressure to do it. I would copy down answers to homework before the class and would start studying a week/a few days before exams but would manage to do alright, so hey, it worked for me! Since going to college though, I've realized that does not work!!

In the last year I've actually gotten quite used to studying and crazily enough I feel quite satisfied after an evening of studying in the library. So now that I've got studying down, my goal for this year is to be a master of... ORGANIZATION! My friend and I have decided we're going to be ridiculously organized and we even walked around Easons a few weeks in advance and made note of the things we wanted. How lame haha. So before I moved, I went on a stationary shopping spree. Here is the result. Can't wait to use all this and I'm not even sorry.

The floral plastic folders are sooo pretty. I got them in Tesco, they actually have really nice back to school stuff. They had a matching ring binder but I didn't think I'd use it. I got the year diary planner there too. I've never owned a year planner before because I'd never have used it, but I thought it would definitely help me with being more organised so I picked this one up. It has such a cool cover too which definitely swayed me in to get it.  I don't know about you but I just feel like I'll study better and take more pride in my notes and work if my stationary looks nice. Let's hope that is the case.

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