Thursday, 4 September 2014

Everyday Makeup Look

 Today was one of those running-into-town to do a few jobs kind of days. On days like this I can't be bothered with a full face of makeup. I used to be so into makeup and really enjoyed spending time in the morning piling it on ... not really!, but I did put a lot of effort in and could spend well up to an  hour doing it.

Now, I think it's a bit of a waste of time when I'm only going into town for a couple of hours, so lately I go for the more natural look. Now.. I could go all natural and wear none at all (which I sometimes do) but you know how it is .. going out in public.. faced with seeing other human beings, we like to try and cover those flaws to feel alright about ourselves, amirightladies!!! But I do try and wear as little as I can get away with.

So this is an example of an everyday makeup look; I'd almost class it as a no-makeup makeup look, except for the eyeliner on the top. I like to keep the focus on the eyes. A load of mascara, bit of smudged eyeliner and the skin kept skin-looking, a bit too skin-like actually with feckin blemishes showing through! A bit of a neutral lipstick and that's me done.

Here's what I use:
 Looking at this picture it seems like quite a lot of products actually!!

List of products:
No7 Stay perfect foundation - not sure if I'm liking this actually. But yano, gotta use that bottle up!!
Seventeen Staytime Concealer
Urban decay Naked flush palette
Essence compact powder
Essence superfine eyeliner pen
Rimmel London Kate mascara
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
Rimmel Lipstick in Vintage Pink
Real Techniques buffing brush
Real Techniques sponge
Smudge brush

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