Sunday, 31 August 2014

Getting Nostalgic

Today I met up with old friends from secondary school. Can't believe I'm going into my fourth year of college and haven't seen some friends from school in all that time, except the odd drunken night out like..! It was great to see them and we spent hours catching up.

One of the main reasons I enjoy looking at beauty and fashion blogs is to see what people wear out and about on ordinary days, so I thought I'd show you my makeup and outfit, even though it was nothing special!

Let me just say, I still haven't quite got the hang of taking pictures of myself, or my makeup. I'm awful with angles, the lighting does be atrocious and the makeup never seems to come out looking in anyway like it does in person. Not only that but my editing skills are just plain awful.. I have so much to learn!!

I kept my makeup very simple. I couldn't be bothered spending loads of time on it. . and I was really rushed getting ready. Went for a quite natural look. I did do a bit of a bronze smokey eye but you can't exactly tell! Put my hair up for once as well. I usually have it down so it was really nice to have it out of my face. It was in bad need of a wash and didn't have time so I teased the top and put it in a bun. 

Looking short and stumpy!!

My outfit was .. as usual pretty casual! You might wonder why on earth I'm wearing a jacket in summer, especially over a long sleeved top but it's to cover a rash I got from a medication allergy - ew. I was f**king boiling all day!! Excuse the awkward pose, I genuinely thought it would look cool, the shame.

If you haven't seen old friends in a long time, get back in touch and definitely make time for a meet up, because it's actually so nice to just get together and talk about the old days. There's nothing better than laughing about old memories, talking about old dramas and bitching about this and that. I'm so serious.

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