Friday, 29 August 2014

DIY / Modifying shoes

In my last post I showed a pair of flats that I bought in River island. I loved the shoes, but wasn't sure about the gold chain. I decided to wear them for a while to see if they it grew on me, but the first time I wore them I thought .. just no. The gold chain wasn't working for me. I changed it to black and decided to show you how it went. This could be recreated on other shoes by changing the colour of the zip or detailing on the shoe.

The shoes before.

I only needed:
  • Newspaper
  • sponge
  • black nail varnish / spray paint
  • Simple.

I think if you can get a black spray paint, it would definitely be easier and a lot less messy. I'd guess the finish would be a lot cleaner too. I on the other hand only had nail varnish, and don't have the funds to get a spray. To be fair the varnish still worked fine it just took a lot more time.

1 . Firstly I laid newspaper out on a table, and to protect the shoe I slid some up under the chain.
2. I used a sponge to dab a layer of nail varnish on - because otherwise the gold chain had no texture   and was too smooth, so the nail varnish would just slide over but not stick.
3. After a putting on a layer with the sponge, I was able to paint the nail varnish on directly with the brush.
4. Keep applying coats until you have it the way you would like it.

How they turned out.

I actually thought it looked really cool after the first coat of varnish using the sponge. I liked how you could see the gold through the black and was going to leave it like that but then kept going. The great thing about this is you could use any colour you like. Because the shoes are monochrome any colour would match. I'm thinking it might be possible to peal the varnish off which would be handy if I got sick of the black, then I could just paint the chains another colour. Endless possibilities. Not sure if it would work though

IMPORTANT: Make sure you give each coat of varnish drying time. If you go to add a coat before the previous one is fully dry, it will just make a gloopy mess and the finished product will be lumpy.

If you're doing something like this, have things to do in between waiting for coats of varnish to try or it will get very boring. It took about 8 coats for mine to look right (probably due to cheap nail varnish), so that's a lot of waiting time. In between coats I did the dishes and cooked - although I have to say, it probably isn't the best to cook in a room full of nail varnish fumes so I wouldn't advise that!

I really liked how they turned out. I think they look so much nicer this way. It just shows that you shouldn't be afraid to buy something you like just because of a small detail that might not be appealing to you. Normally I would have just left them on the shelf. You can sometimes improve it and end up loving the finished result. And in this case, it didn't cost me anything extra.

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