Friday, 29 August 2014

Autumn is coming

The other evening I walked my dog in the rain and I can't explain it, but all of a sudden it felt like Autumn. I don't know what it was, it was raining and it's gotten very cold at night lately. I went at half seven and by the time I got back to the car at half eight, it was getting dark. Not only that, but it actually smelled like Autumn. Maybe it's the fact that I just put together a sort of Autumn inspired wishlist. I suppose it was all them things combined, but it made me realize how much I'm actually looking forward to Autumn/Winter.

Right now the weather is a bit inbetween, some days it's hot and summery, yesterday it was actually 22 degrees. Other days it's raining and the nights are starting to get bitter cold! I really can't wait until the weather makes a full commitment to Autumn. When that time does come, I'll surely be complaining of the cold, having to walk to college in the wind and rain, sitting down for a lecture with my clothes dripping. Having to spend the day in the cold, wet clothes and then walking home in the dark. Hating that I have to go out in the horrible weather to get turf for the fire and having bring the dog out, and stand shivering while I wait for her to do her to go.. but right now, I'm so excited for Autumn.
Loving the thoughts of wrapping up in warm clothes and wearing my thickest comfy socks. Sitting in front of the lit fire place listening to the rain and wind over the sound of the tv. Drinking hot chocolate (although I'm not meant to due to stomach problems; that's hardly gona stop me). Going for walks and watching the leaves fall, coming back with a pink nose. Also looking forward to changing my makeup up, going for a dark lip or brown smokey eye, rather than the bronzed summer look. Being able to wear my usual dark attire and not look out of place. And can I just say, Halloween. 

Just some of the things I'm looking forward to

I guess it's cause I'm new to blogging, but I'm finding it so difficult to find nice images under the creative commons license. I'm so tempted to just start grabbing images off Pinterest and Tumblr, but i'm too worried about copyright issues! It's so annoying because there is so many beautiful and inspiring Autumn pictures. I suppose I'll have to practice my photography skills and start taking my own.. ha..


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